Saturday, 26 September 2015

Living almost off the grid in Huttopia, Lac Monroe Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

We stayed 2 nights (2 adults and 2 kids) in one of these wonderful Huttopia's at Lac Monroe, Quebec Provincial Park near Mont Tremblant, about 3 hours east of  Ottawa Ontario, Canada.

These huts are provided with everything you need to experience life in a Hut ; you only need to bring sleeping bags, food and drinks. You can buy a bundle of Firewood for $7.50 at the Service Centre.

Cost was about $100 per night but well worth it for the adventures and experience of living (almost) off the Grid for 3 days.

They had an outlet with one light and a small fridge. Cooking was on the fire or small propane stove....

I'd love to find one of these Canvas Huts for Sale, so far no luck. Anyone know where I could buy one ?

Beautiful and clean Lake Monroe is perfect for kayak or canoe.

I caught a 3 lb pickerel in the 1st 1/2 hour of fishing.  You can also rent Kayaks, Canoes, and Stand Up Paddle Boards at the Service Centre.

More Information here :

Video from the Lake:

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hydro Rates across Canada. And Ontario is set to Increase !

The average monthly electricity bill by province for 1,000 kWh of electricity consumption (which is typically about what most households use) as of May 1, 2013.

Current Rates are actually much higher and set to Increase?

Time to go Off-Grid, or move to Quebec or BC....

More Information here :

In the News :

"Average energy bills in Ontario are set to increase by as much as $137 a year starting in 2016 due to program changes announced by the Liberal government Thursday, including a new rebate to help low-income families."

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

OffGrid-Living in Beautiful British Columbia !

Imagine .... Offgrid-Living on 3.22 acres. Breathtaking ocean & mountain VIEWS. Cozy 1,200 square ft 2 bedroom cottage with workshop and covered deck resting right at the water's edge. Desirable south-west exposure & all day sunshine to relax and enjoy everything waterfront living has to offer.  

The zoning, gentle sloping topography and spacious 200' of waterfrontage allow for second residence, perfect for shared investment. 20 minutes by boat from Deep Cove. No road access. Great investment! Only $600 k

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Visit Nature's Harmony Eco-Village, Mattawa, Ontario

Nature's Harmony Eco-Village near Mattawa Ontario is a wonderful place to get back to Nature and learn how to live a more sustainable, off the grid lifestyle.  Accommodations include, Log cabin, chalet, yurt, glamping tent structure, camping, special Group Rates and more  ....

‘Off-the-grid’ simply means living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on the public utility system. ..... municipal water supply, sewer, natural gas or the hydro grid. Energy supply is provided by eight 120-watt solar panels and a 1000-watt wind turbine

The water source is drawn from a spring-fed well; there is a septic system and heating is provided by woodstoves. There is also a propane furnace that is programmed to come on if the temperature drops below a certain level. Energy is provided by eight 120-watt solar panels and a 1000-watt wind turbine, mounted on a 65-foot tower. The solar and wind energy pass through separate charge controllers which then charge a 24-volt battery system. The energy then passes through an inverter which converts the energy from DC (battery voltage) into 110 watts AC (home power). If the energy demand exceeds the supply from the sun and/or wind, a propane generator automatically kicks in to charge the batteries.

During 2008, Nature’s Harmony received funding from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation under the Northern Energy Program. Nature’s Harmony was grateful to receive this funding as it allowed us to upgrade the existing energy system to be able to accommodate the increased demands by operating a B&B in our home an to substantially reduce our reliance on the propane generator. In addition, the funding was used to install a basic solar system in one of our cabins. Connection to the outside world is through a satellite internet system. High speed internet and the phone operates using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) through the satellite internet.

"Living off-the-grid isn’t all that much different than living in the city except that we have become much more conscious about our energy consumption. Through this awareness we have discovered many simple ways to conserve on energy and lessen our impact on the environment. Living off-the-grid continually challenges us to think outside the box to find new ways to live more sustainably. You don’t need to live off-the-grid to make a difference. Many of these simple changes can be implemented whether you are off the grid or in the city." - Jen & Tzach Elnekave

Saturday, 20 June 2015

$2 Dollarama Power Bank to charge my phone and tablet

This is how I power my tablet when I'm not near any power Source. 

I charge this $2.00 Dollarama Powerbank (with separate solar panels) and have Free Power all week long!

I charge the Power Bank with a Voltaic Solar back pack I won in a Tiny house design Contest a few years ago.... 

I charge the Solar panels all day then charge the Power Bank and  I have a nice small mobile Charger I can carry with me all day long to charge my phone, tablet, whatever .... Now I need a larger Tesla Version for the house. Same idea. 

I couldn't find the same Dollarama Model online but I found this one on for $9.99  :

iXCC 3200mAH Power Bank - Portable External Battery Charger for Apple, Samsung, Android devices and More