Saturday, 8 March 2014

Beautiful Structural Fabric homes for homeless.

‘weaving a home’ by kuwaiti designer abeer seikaly proposes a disaster shelter for refugees that is based on temporary huts of nomadic tribes. the use of structural fabric references ancient traditions of joining linear fibers to make complex three-dimensional shapes – the resulting pattern is easy to erect and scale into various functions, from a basket to a tent. the project incorporates technological advances and new methods of assembly of the material, envisioning a system composed of durable plastic members that are threaded to form a singular unit. these flexible envelopes fold across a central axis, with the hollow structural skin enabling necessities such as water and electricity to run through it, similar to a typical stud wall.`-

Monday, 3 March 2014

A is for Affordable, Quick and Easy A-Frame for $1,000

A-Frame : AFFORDABLE, EASY and QUICK to build .... could be altered for different uses, or added to, rather effortlessly.The total cost for a cabin like this, soup to nuts, is right around $1200- and that's using city lumber pricing, meaning, elsewhere, it'd cost less to build.

Add in some salvaged, free, or recycled materials, and you could EASILY build this under $1000. 

Offgrid A Frame Affordble

Interior view and plans:

Saturday, 1 March 2014

An easy to follow Earthship Design....

Timber Frame Straw Bale House for Sale, Missouri

Timber Frame House Features:

Handmade wood spiral staircase leads to 2nd story bedroom
500 sq. feet interior heated space
168 sq. ft enclosed north porch
168 sq. ft enclosed storage loft
78 sq. ft. west-facing balcony
Professionally designed and engineered timber frame (hardwood frame with all wood joinery)
Fully wrapped straw bale wall insulation (approx. r-35 – r-50, a.k.a. “r-enough”)
Concrete pier foundation (professionally engineered for weight loads)
Living roof with 7″ of polyiso roof insulation (approx. r-45)
20″ of cellulose insulation under the floor (r-70)
Chimney hookup for wood heat, passive solar orientation
Designed for south greenhouse attachment
Hand-built cantilevered spiral staircase
Steel wrapped oak roof edge detail, designed for gutter system, no cistern
Wiring is installed, power system not included
Reclaimed wood floors throughout entire house
Earth plaster interior, scratch coat
Lime plaster exterior, scratch coat
1″ white oak siding on north porch and storage loft
Handmade insulated loft doors (2)
Deadmen (support blocks) placed in walls for shelving and baseboard (marked)
100% no plywood or drywall in construction
100% natural wood sealers (Land Ark)
99% built with hand tools and human power
Tool shed is 8×12 (96 sq. ft) with loft, cedar siding, reclaimed wood floors, 6×12 east awning for extended
storage/firewood – can be converted to guest house if desired
Cob oven with 5×5 roof shelter
Leasehold size is approx. 4500 sq. ft.

Timber Frame Straw Bale House for Sale  Located at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in northeast Missouri.

Friday, 28 February 2014

There is great satisfaction hidden within Simplicity

Wood-fired Cedar Hot Tub

"The Underwater Wood Stove is nothing short of ingenious: you heat your Snorkel Hot Tub with a wood stove — an underwater wood stove made of marine grade aluminum coated with a corrosion-proof finish for years of trouble-free service. Completely submerged except for air intake, fuel feed, and chimney, the stove transfers heat to the water so efficiently, the underwater portion of the stove stays cool to the touch. The heating efficiency of the Snorkel® and Scuba® Stoves is far greater than outside the tub stoves which depend on thermal convection and with no plumbing there are no concerns of plumbing freezing and bursting."

Wood-Fired Hot tub kit from - Products and Prices

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Thoreau Stone Cabin replica... Tiny house 150 sq ft

A replica of Henri David Thoreau’s cabin with some nice stonework & slate roof – 10′x15′ Windows are recycled from Yale demolition. Timberframe and insulated, sealed shell crafted by Bensonwood

A 150 square feet Henry David Thoreau replica in New Hampshire. Shared by Dick Struthers. Work by Bensonwood.

More Information here :